Hi Everyone,

After practicing with finding research and have more insight into our interests, we will begin to formalize an area of focus and develop a Critical/Research Question that we would like to pursue (in class). Here are directions: Developing-Critical-Questions

Here is the guide on how to write research questions: research-questions-original

Tasks for this Module:

  1. Read the first three chapters of the Galvan text to get you going: Galvan_Ch_1_3.
  2. Post your problem statement and research/critical question on this page by 10/15. There are a bunch of examples below to help you along…
  3. Keep reading on your topic. This will go a long way in help you with your final literature review next term. 🙂

We will also learn about and practice collecting qualitative data. It’s fun. I promise. We will do this in class.


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