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OK, now that you have begun formulating a topic of interest, we will begin to build an initial portfolio. In the coming weeks, let’s see how they stack up as we learn more about research traditions. Module 2 is about research design and quantitative research.

Here is the data set with which we worked in class: Dummy Data_DATA ONLY

Here is the key to the quantitative activity we did in class for future reference: Dummy Data

Module 2:

Here is a Screencast about how to get journal articles from ILLiad

Here are elements of a research article that can be used for both traditions: Elements of a research article

Here are guidelines for critiquing research (in class): 3 Critiquing Research

Here is the article we critiqued in class: Computer Adapted CBI_JSETv21n2


Normal Distribution Screenshot:

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  1. Leah Cruzen says:

    I’m going to start the thread for Module 2 Task 3!
    This is what I got, please let me know if you got something different. I think the hardest part of this was finding the Variance and Standard Deviation for me, as it took a series of calculations. Looking at this, it seems that the data are fairly close together, hence the low Standard Deviation.
    Mean: 92
    Median: 92
    Mode: 92
    Variance: 24.4
    Standard Deviation: 4.94

    • Michelle Nelson says:

      Hi, Leah! Many of us have posted our answers on the Module 2 page (click the link above). Just FYI! It looks like you got the same answers many of us did. 🙂

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