A very nice song. Something I can dig and dig often. They have a new album coming out so get excited. Check it out and enjoy!

From their upcoming album Venn (2017)

Some Stuff about them:

Clock Opera began with Guy Connelly, a London, England-based multiinstrumentalist whose soaring, emotionally naked voice recalled the likes of Paul Buchanan (the Blue Nile), Billy Mackenzie (Associates), and Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons) without being quite as extreme as the latter two vocalists. Clock Opera now release their second album Venn. Co-produced with Kristofer Harris (Bear’s Den, Matthew and The Atlas) at Squarehead Studios, Kent, it’s a darker beast than their debut. The distinctive sound of Clock Opera— the agile alto voices, a sleek and supple rhythm section, immaculate production — is still present, but there’s a marked shift in lyrical tone.

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