Hello to all, all are welcome and safe here

My name is TJ Kelley and I am a student at Pacific University getting my masters in education with a focus on Physical Education and Health. I attended the University of Oregon for my bachelors in Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies.

I am married and have two kids and work full time at Eugene CrossFit as a CFL2 Trainer and CF Kids trainer. This is where I truly found my love for teaching and wanted to devote more of my time to learning and helping others. I have always been active but the idea of being fit, for me, has changed ever since starting CrossFit and changing my diet. I am able to do more and for longer periods of time, when I want to do it. Ending up with the result of freedom to choose what I want to do and when.

I believe in equality and equity for everyone. Schooling and the access for learning should be the same for all and not based on where you live or any other personal factor.

Thanks for checking out my site.

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