Digital Lesson

My digital lesson is about wants and needs. It will start with showing the two videos that follow the book The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies.  This book really shows students the importance of understanding wants vs needs. It is age appropriate and as a cartoon, it will hold students attention. The video would be my anticipatory set.  After watching the video students will look at the  two google images that give a definition of a want and  a need. This will be done in order to get them to reflect on the video they just watched. This is where classroom discussion will come in and students will talk about things they observed in the video.  I followed the definitions with a youtube recording that has a song/illustration on wants and needs. Younger students tend to love music.  Choosing to incorporate music ensures that I am going to get even more engagement from students. The last piece of the lesson includes a venn diagram. This shows items that could be exclusively wants or needs and the overlap of the two.  This will go into an activity that has students creating their own diagram.

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