Project 6

The screencast I created will be used in order to teach my students the basics of getting onto At the beginning of the year my students do not have to log themselves in. I do this myself and they have set computers that I select for each of them. Having them login themselves adds some freedom to their computer time as they are choosing their own computer and logging into their individual page. It seems rather basic but I’ve ran into a lot of trouble with this basic skill in the past.

I tried to look for some basic education screencasts that I could show my students to better engage them during math. The first one I found was for addition.  The downside was that it only shows one problem. The upside is that it has a student within the same age range of my own students running the whole thing.  She uses a word problem and examples that students can relate too. She solves the problem in a visual way that my students could easily understand. I think my students would love this and probably want to make screen casts of their own.

The second screen cast I found was also for math. This cast was done by another teacher. It is working with subtraction and the use of a number line. This is a concept that I have struggled with in the classroom. The number line is much more complicated than it seems. This screencast showed word problems and step by step instructions on how to utilize the number line to solve a specific subtraction problem.

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