Project 5


For project 5 I chose to create my own infographic as well as pull two that I found from the internet. The infographic I created is just an exciting visual on germs. This is something I would post in my classroom and in the bathroom as a reminder to students what germs are and how we could prevent their spread.

The two I found from the web are geared towards math and reading. Within my kindergarten class we have an entire unit on butterflies. For the most part this unit is presented during our reading time and the Hungry Caterpillar is a staple for this unit. The infographic would be used best as a comprehensive and an assessment piece in order to see what each student heard and saw during the reading.

The math infographic is something that I would email or send home for parents to use. Many parents want to know how they can help their child’s growth within a classroom at home. This infographic gives them ideas and support in which to do so.


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