Project 3 Digital Curation 


We are going to be studying the life cycle of a plants this month. We will be doing many different projects involving plants. One of our projects will involve you working on the internet. You will be gathering information from different websites and adding them to our class Life Cycle of a Plants Page. You can use your favorite flower or you can chose a vegetable or a fruit to show the life cycle. There are so many options for example Pumpkins, Sunflowers, Apples, or wildflowers. The purpose of this activity is to find out how things grow from the beginning to the end.

You will need to log in to LiveBinders and access our class project
User name MsJephson
Password plantcycle

1. Click on “Your First Binder”
You will need to make sure the binder is in Edit Mode. Look for a red book icon in the upper
right corner.
2. This is where you will sharing the information you will be finding on the life cycle of plants and
sharing with our class.
3. Click on a new tab in the binder. You will want to change the title of the tab
to your plant, such has Sunflower cycle.
4. In a new browser tab, you will want to find a website that gives good
information about life cycle of your plant. Make sure you know who the
author is, and that it shows the complete cycle or the plant, flower, vegetable or fruit you have
chosen. If you have any questions, please ask a teacher.
5. Once you find an website about the plant you chose, copy the
website address and paste into the URL box in the binder tab. You can copy
and paste by right-clicking on your mouse.
6. On your tab label, there is a red arrow. Click on the arrow and select
“Add New Subtab”
7. Name this subtab the name of your plant cycle. For a sunflower, it is called a
“Sunflower Cycle”.
8. After finding the life cycle please look for a picture of the plant that you have chosen
9. When you find an accurate image of your plant, you will want to
copy the address and paste into the URL box in your subtab.


Reflection: The project is geared towards reading and science in a kindergarten class. Students will gain an understanding of the plant life cycle and understand how to navigate resources (with assistance) they can use in order to help them identify the different parts of the lifecycle. Students will not only gain the understanding of a lifecycle but also how they can use the internet in order to help them find resources to support their learning.





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