I think I can… Yes I can integrate technology into my classroom!

I have found myself wanting more and more to access and use technology in my classroom. I have the internet and I have the smart board but I lack the know-how.  In recent months our school has began to put a larger emphasis on technology use within the classroom. As a new kindergarten teacher, the use of technology for my students intrigued me.  So I decided to jump onto the web to see what resources I could find that would help me be better equipped to bring technology into my classroom. I am on a search for things that will keep my students engaged as well as learning some of the core curriculum I set forth.

As I was browsing the world wide web, I came across a sight called edutopia. They happened to have a “how to” article on integrating technology into the classroom. They hit a home run right off the bat with me. Within the first few sentences it was stated that integration of technology within a classroom helps students to be more engaged and take control over their own learning. What teacher would want to turn that down? Such a useful article, it really was a helpful resource to a teacher that doesn’t integrate technology into her classroom but is very open to do so. It really touches on the how and the why.


Well now I thought that last article was great, but this article is insistent it has ten ways to help me integrate technology into my classroom. I will pull that “new” teacher card and just say I really need help to figure out how I am going to integrate technology in my day to day routines and schedule. This article, as promised, gave me ten ways in which to do so. Although basic, the ten ideas given were so helpful and easy to follow. Using your interactive whiteboards for check-ins was brilliant and I wish I had thought about/ knew how to do this sooner!

10 Ways to Integrate Technology into your Classroom

Scholastic is a staple to me this first year. They were able to provide me with many tools and resources in which I could integrate and even get specific pieces of technology into my classroom (ex tablet/ laptops). Right now we do not have tablets or even laptops in our classrooms. We do have access to our computer lab. After reading this and seeing some of the amazing things we can use the lab for, I will be scheduling lab time much sooner and making it an integral part of my classroom functionality.


Once I bridge my knowledge gap and fear of technology, I really can see myself using these tools that have been provided. As a new teacher you take all that you can in the way of advice and these articles did a great job in advising me!


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