Flipped Classroom TES Teach

Digital lessons, who came up with this brilliant idea?  Whoever you were, thank you!  Digital lessons are an essential element of flipped classrooms and the TES teach website makes digital lesson planning simple.  There are man advantages to flipped digital classrooms, here are just a few:  students can work at their own pace, students who miss a class can access all the lesson material, parents can view the components covered in class, and teachers have more time to work directly with students.

Having spent the past two years as a substitute teacher at a local high school, I know how hard it can be to walk into a classroom and have no idea what I would be teaching for the day.  Enter the flipped classroom – woohoo!  I really wish one of the teachers that I have subbed for had left me a digital lesson, that is why I tweaked the flipped digital classroom to accommodate a substitute teacher.  By allowing the substitute teacher to access the digital lesson before class, they will be adequately prepared to assist students.  Additionally, all parties; teacher, substitute, and students have clear instructions, so there is little room for miscommunication, helping to keep to keep everyone on track.  Click on the link below to view a digital lesson plan I created for my substitute teacher, Ms. Jones.


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