Using Hyperdocs to teach students about about Polynomials

Adding & Subtracting Polynomials Hyperdoc

The above link will be used to guide my students on a journey from peaking their interest about polynomials used all around them to solving problems with polynomials to writing an assessment of what they learned.  I have always found that when you ask students to write their own assessment it shows them what they have learned without saying, “This activity will show you that you have learned something”.  When I have asked students to take on a roll of being the teacher they are able to communicate to me what they have learned in a way that I can use to see how they perceive what they have learned.  I learn how to write assessments that are more geared to the language of my students use.  The assessment the students write is actually an assessment of what they know and think is valuable.

The Hyperdoc has layers of information. If students do a quick look they will learn something new. The students could spend time looking over the Prezzi and make their own infographic about polynomials. They could spend time working on the website or Khan Academy.

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