Movin’ on up- solving one step equations builds into solving 2 step equations

Welcome to my flipped classroom lesson on solving multiple step equations.

In this lesson, you will find a video that is connecting my students’ prior knowledge of solving a one step equation to the new concept of solving two step equations.  I will have my students watch a video that shows them how to solve a two step equation.

Then I will have them do a worksheet that has them solve equations with multiple steps.

The students will watch another video that has a variable on each side.

The final piece to this flipped classroom lesson is they will do the vowel(a,e,i) labeled problems in the power point on a separate sheet of paper to bring to school.

The next day, I would have them work in groups for the more complex problems. I love the plenary power point because there are many pieces that the students interact with.  Allowing my students to look through the power point the night before makes them familiar with it.

Below is my link to my flipped lesson.

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