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National Council for Teaching Writing (
NCTE is the leading partner in giving educators a voice as the educational landscape changes and the needs of teachers from preK through college evolve.

I did not join this organization, as it has a fee associated with their membership, but it would be a valuable one to join in the future. The website includes local affiliates, in order to be able to connect with people in your own area. Links were provided for resources, lesson plans broke down into grades and ages, to find the right lesson or help for your classroom.

I appreciate the fact that the site was broken up into different age groups, all with a focus on writing. Writing prompts and activities were provided and explained. Feedback was given by other teachers that have used these activities, providing insight.

I believe that this organization truly supports teachers and provides them with valuable resources to enhance their students opportunities.

What valuable resources, communities, apps, or ideas have I found to support my teaching. Include hyperlinks to the pages or resources in your post and other media like videos if you like?
I have seen, found and used some really cool resources and apps during my time in the school system. I don’t specify my time, because I have used these resources in my 20+ years of being a parent and my 5+ years having worked in a school system.

As a parent I have used parentvue ( and studentvue to keep track of my children’s attendance, class schedule and grades. It has been most helpful when my children are in high school as opposed to elementary school. As a parent I have also used classdojo ( and remind ( Both of those sites/apps help me to feel connected to my child/children’s specific class. I am able to receive group information such as field trip reminders, pictures from various events and updates about their day. In addition, each app has the ability to communicate directly with me about my specific child. Facebook ( has also been used by my children’s schools as a way to share events, reminders and pictures. I enjoy using these types of apps because I can easily click ‘interested” or “going” on a facebook event and automatically add it to my calendar. I will then get reminders or can easily go back and check details of the event. New this year to the school district is peachjar ( It is a way to share flyers digitally through email. I have preferred this to receiving various flyers stuffed into backpacks.

As a professional working in the school system I have used facebook as a way to communicate with the parents that I work with. I use facebook to share post, photos and events. I use remind for specific groups of parents that I work with. For example, I am currently teaching a Spanish language parenting class. Tonight is the first class and the first task will be to sign up for remind. This will make it easier for myself and the participants to get reminders about homework assignments, changes in class time or other things that I may want to communicate with them.

What are other teachers saying about the role of technology in their teaching and learning that I find interesting and makes me wonder?
I have the opportunity to work in all schools throughout my district and see variations in comfort levels around technology. I see some teachers and administrators that are very comfortable using technology and others who are not. I have seen some teachers attempt to use technology and not be successful. For example I attended an open house event for my own children’s school. Upon entering my child’s second grade classroom there were flyers available in English and Spanish. The Spanish language flyer welcomed families to first grade – not second – and included many other mistakes. The teacher admitted to using google translate at the last minute. His attempt to show inclusivity may have created confusion for some families.

What are some cool, clever, and creative resources or new ways of thinking about technology integration in my field that I might use?
I believe that technology needs to be embraced and I am excited to use the aforementioned apps and websites and continue adding more to my toolbox.

What are some simple and practical resources of new ways of thinking about technology integration in my field that I might use?
I love apps that keep parents connected to their children’s classes and schools. We are all so busy, so anything that can help keep us more organized is great. It is also great to feel connected to other families and/or students in the class. As a parent, when I can

Professional Organization
*(updated) see above is the website for the American Federation of Teachers. I have been a member of this union since beginning my employment at Springfield Public Schools in August of 2013.

Their mission is as follows: “The American Federation of Teachers is a union of professionals that champions fairness; democracy; economic opportunity; and high-quality public education, healthcare and public services for our students, their families and our communities. We are committed to advancing these principles through community engagement, organizing, collective bargaining and political activism, and especially through the work our members do.”

Their website has many helpful resources such as who local and national leaders are, issues affecting members of the union and how to engage both locally and on a wider scale.

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