Mind Mapping

This Earth Day infographic would be perfect to use in the classroom for around Earth Day.  I would use the visual in the classroom to promote conversation about things we can do within our homes, schools, and communities to limit our impact on the environment. There is also the potential to use this infographic in conjunction with a class project, such as a classroom garden, or recycling center.  The infographic is a great conversation starter, is visually appealing to young students, and contains information that students can relate to.

This infographic, while not as visually appealing to younger students, provides an excellent visual for teaching and explaining the process of photosynthesis.  I think that this infographic does a good job of relating the process of plants eating through photosynthesis to a student eating a sandwich when they are hungry.  This infographic could be used as part of a unit on plants, and also to give students a basic definition and understanding of key terms such as cells, molecules, and atoms that they will be exposed to throughout their education.

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