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Flipped Classroom

Posted by on June 17, 2018

This lesson, students will be conducting a free write that is centered around a unit lesson on the Civil Rights. Students will view material on the Civil Rights such as a timeline and a powerpoint presentation to help gather some information about what we will be covering in class over the next few weeks. Also provided is a flow chart that will help the students get organized in their thinking process and finally a sample essay in the form of a letter that provides the students a visual of a well developed Argumentative essay. I want the students to utilize material on this unit and pick a topic that stood out for them that they most connect to. This can be something as easy as comparing and contrasting the “White” only signs and how it makes the students feel. The Power Point has some questions that students will be required to answer to and work through to help them in their thinking process as well. By allowing the students to conduct a free write on a topic of their choosing, it will allow students to deliver a well thought out essay with substance and it will capture their interest because they have control over what to write, versus me their teacher forcing them to write on a topic that they did not enjoy or connect to.




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