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Mind Mapping

Posted by on June 15, 2018

This is an exciting lesson, and I am very eager to dive in. For my first infographic I found a really neat Periodic Table on the Amendments of the Constitution.  This infographic includes the 27 Amendments in our Constitution which is useful in any Social Studies class and particularly during my lesson on the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. This infographic provides a quick glance educational tool to students so they can remember the main ideas of each amendment and it also helps them as a visual learning tool for those who would rather learn through visual aid versus reading from a text book.  The Periodic Table provides a synopsis of important facts that relate to certain amendments as they are symbolic in our Nations History and Constitution.

The second infograph I found that I will be using in my classroom will be on How our Laws are Made. This is a fantastic visual aid for my students to utilize when we cover the unit on passing bills and making them laws. Often this process gets lost in translation when it is covered in class via a text book without presenting it in a visual fashion, which is why I feel this is going to be a great asset to my classroom.  This infograph can also be used as an assessment tool to pull from when studying this process and the important role it plays in our everyday democratic society. What I enjoy most about this infograph is that it is very bright, colorful and full of useful information that is easy to read and comprehend. I could also see myself using this in a game type setting in the class as we try to develop a bill and watch it maneuver down the process of becoming a law.

I recently created a timeline infograph based on my own life compared to important facts that have taken place throughout the educational pendulum. Below is a link to that just for fun!



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