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One extremely valuable resource I found is the Oregon Department of Education state standards for both health and physical education. These standards provide teachers with the goals of these classes and what is expected of students taking these classes. This is a valuable resource for teachers because the standards guide our curriculum and provide a structure for our lesson plans to follow. Along the same lines, SHAPE America defines the 4 essential components of physical education. These components provide teachers with more detail about what a successful physical education class includes. Between the standards and these components, teachers have two excellent resources for what to include in their curriculum.

Another innovative resource I found is called the Teacher’s Toolbox, which features a variety of activities, journals, etc. that relate to health and PE. This toolbox provides teachers of any age group with an abundance of helpful ideas for games and activities as well as tips for being effective teachers. Within the Teacher’s Toolbox is a resource called activity calendars. The premise behind these calendars is providing students, or anyone for that matter, who “don’t have enough time to exercise” with exercises and activities that take ten minutes or less to accomplish. These calendars are a simple and practical resource for integrating technology into my classroom because I can show my students how to navigate the SHAPE America website to gain access to these calendars, thus providing them with an everlasting resource for practical exercises. The students can then share this resource with whomever they want, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

SHAPE America also has an online community called Exchange full of valuable resources. Here is a video that provides a brief overview of what Exchange includes. Unfortunately, Exchange is only for SHAPE America members, which I am not. Maybe when I have a steady income I will be able to join this community and have access to these many benefits.

I also found a similar website that provides teachers with a variety of resources as well. Specifically, it provides access to free lesson plan ideas, many different student assessment strategies, guidelines for classroom management techniques, and much more. There’s also a professional development tab that provides teachers with the necessary tools to continue to grow and expand within their profession.

I followed both SHAPE America and PE Central on Twitter. The feed for PE Central is primarily videos and articles for ideas about activities to do in a PE class. The nice thing about this feed is that it includes all age levels, so teachers of any age group can benefit from following them. I find it useful for myself because there may be ideas on this feed that I never thought of or new activities that are effective. It’s a good, free resource where teachers can collaborate without having to be in the same school, or even the same state. SHAPE America’s feed is similar in that it provides resources regarding games and activities for teachers. However, it also provides links to various events that are sponsored by SHAPE America as well. They are both extremely valuable feeds where teachers can collaborate and share ideas for fun and effective activities. Also, these are good tools for students to be aware of as well because students nowadays are glued to their phones, and it would be beneficial for them to follow a physical education site like these. It provides them with ideas and activities to do as well, instead of watching Netflix or playing video games all day.

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