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For educators in the health and or PE fields, Shape America is an excellent resource which provides its users with professional development tools; standards and guidelines; grant, award and accreditation opportunities; continuing education opportunities; information about upcoming conferences and events; online consultations with health and physical activity professionals; as well as the latest in health and PE resources, publications, and news.  Shape America (Society of Health and Physical Educators) is the nation’s largest organization of health and physical educators.  Their National Physical Education Standards and Grade-Level Outcomes are used by school districts and universities across the country.

During my initial glance of their site, my eyes happened to view the membership tab at the top of the page.  After exploring many of the endless resources Shape America offers on their website, I began to question why one would ever need to sign up for a membership. However, after doing a little more research into their membership program, I was surprisingly impressed with how affordable their price points were; especially for all they offered.  Payments for memberships range from $79/year total (Basic Membership) –  $209/year total (Premier Membership).  Also helpful is the Career tab, which includes links to help users find a job, post a job listing, acquire internships, and access career tools.  

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of freely accessible resources provided by Shape Americas on their website.  As a soon to be health and or PE educator, I feel that I will likely reference Shape America’s website frequently to help me stay current and to utilize the many tools they provide to inform my teaching.  In order to keep up with all that Shape America has to offer, I have decided to follow their facebook page, which frequently features creative videos, the latest health/PE trends, useful academic articles, and more.  By utilizing Shape America as a resource and staying current with in the health and PE world, I hope to gain more of a sense of what my years as a health/PE educator will actually entail.  


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