Project 1: How to Integrate Technology into Teaching

My school district has been given the opportunity to purchase Board Works! (

Our Integrated Flat Panels were new to our classrooms this year and we had limited opportunities to see their full potential, until now…  With Board Works, you can look up lessons by standard and they are engaging. The beginning of each lesson shows which features are available (audio, etc.) and lists all worksheets to print off ahead of time. This website has a lot of lessons to offer k-5 in Math and Language Arts. It does contain lessons in Science, although it is not directly linked to Oregon Standards at this time. Considering that our Math curriculum has limited interactivity, and there is no curriculum for Science in K-4, this is a great resource for teachers.

Board Works can also be used up to 12th grade. This is an example of a Math problem for a higher level. The top of the powerpoint shows what features are available. There are tools to write the steps on the board and check or solve all questions.

If you are using Board Works to supplement your own curriculum, you can always add in your own slides. Board Works will automatically set up the background to match the current slideshow and will not affect the lesson for future use.

The slide below is an example from Language Arts. Character study and traits are a common standard across all grades. This activity gives multiple choice for Personality and Jobs. There are areas for quotations to support these answers. On the bottom-right, S = solve and C = check, so you can check answers while you work. The refresh button will clear the screen in case you want to repeat with other students in the classroom.

These slides show some of the main features and abilities of the lesson plans. To show more specific details, you will have to download a free sample or login to an existing account. Subscriptions are lifetime.

Review of Oregon Reading Association

The Oregon Reading Association is a small part of the International Literacy Association (ILA). The Oregon sub-council focuses on getting books into the hands of Oregon children. The Oregon Reading Association is further subdivided by specific areas of Oregon. The website has links to research articles, resources and grant information. The Umpqua division includes teachers from our area to connect with. They help support people in education to encourage literacy in all students. They offer professional development opportunities. As a member, you have access to a free professional library and educator advocacy.

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