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PE and Health Class Ideas

There are a lot of great resources out there in cyber space to build a relevant PE program. One of my favorite sites for PE games and activities is PhysEd games. You can check out hundreds of fun games to do with your students.

We played capture the ball this week and the students loved it! I would recommend this game for kids 2nd through 8th grade. Check out this PhysEd games video on YouTube.

Other sites I frequently use are, PE Central, YouTube, Shape America, Mr. G’s PE, and MyPlate. I’ve attached the link, so if you have time or need some ideas for PE class click on the links below.

YouTube is a great resource for just about any game or activity you want to see played. The videos are helpful if you’re not quite sure how a game or set up should look. You can just enter PE games and an age group and there will be lots to choose from.

Shape America is a must for any PE or Health teacher. It talks about state standards, activities, grants, and current health issues.

PE Central is another must for PE teachers. This site has help with classroom management and all the other PE related topics. The classroom management piece really helps since most of us have a gym for a classroom and their is a different dynamic.

PE with Mr. G. is a fun website that has a lot of game ideas. It has video to go along with game ideas.

My Plate is a government website and it talks mostly about health programs to present to students. The healthy plate idea is about portion control and the food pyramid. It shows students how to build a plate of food that has the right proportions of vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, and dairy.

My greatest resource for PE information is other teachers. I meet once a month with a group of Elementary teachers to talk about classroom management, games, activities, grants, and vent some frustrations. I have learned so much from these teachers. When you’ve just about had it with a behavior problem in class it’s really helpful to get advice from people that are in the trenches with you. As it gets near the end of the school year and kids are ramped up I can text or call another PE teacher to get new ideas to finish the year strong.

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