The Eugene Environmental Film Festival (EugEvoFF) seeks to raise awareness of all that is the environment globally and locally. We aim to provide a holistic perspective concerning the ways that we enjoy the environment; to understand the ways the environment feeds and nourishes us; to address the exploitation and harm to the environment; and to explore ways that we resist and protect the environment.

Our vision is to carve out space to be in solidarity with each other against the struggles that we face as humans on the planet and to inspire collective resistance in order to create positive, lasting, and sustainable change.

The film festival will be a multi-venue weekend event full of meaningful and inspiring films, discussions, speakers, workshops, and live performance and music in downtown Eugene. Filmmakers will have an opportunity to discuss their work at screenings and special events. This is a great opportunity for community members, filmmakers, and activists to promote their work, inspire change, and network with others.


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