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As I begin my endeavor to become the world’s greatest teacher, I must first utilize the work that  thousands of teacher have done before me. I think that I have already mastered the art of understanding people and I believe that will transfer to my students. There are several resources out there that will help me become the teacher I want to be. The first resource is the NGSS hub of lesson plans. This is a site with with a vast supply of lessons that I can use, or alter to my benefit to fit my lesson plans.

For my students I plan to have several resources for them to use outside of the classroom. With limited classroom I plan on using screencastify to go over complex ideas. By utilizing a Microsoft Surface Pro I can cast and draw out the explanation at the same time, that way it will not be simply me talking at them. Other resources are Khan Academy. There is endless explanations of all subjects available. It is important to teach your students to utilize the internet as a tool. Using google apps will be a fun way incorporate class data on various experiments that we do in class. Or tracking various data trends to gain understanding of a world science issue.

Next Generation Science Standards calls us to teach students to think like scientists. There is a lot of to begin this process. One is Citizen Science, an online opportunity for your students to to be a part of real world science. It will be a great integrate our units with various big time projects with massive amounts of data. It is also a great way to empower your students and make them feel important.

Along with preparing students to think like scientists, you have to prepare your students for college. I want to assess my students using the proper standards but I also want to give them opportunities to see how they will be assessed at the university level. Using Quizlet to ask them complex questions that they can use their notes to increase understanding. It will be a good way to assign homework that students can work together on.

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