Post Class Post 1: What elements of management help you create an environment conducive to learning and achievement?

Hi Folks: I hope you’re making some good progress on your visual map for your Assessment 1 Project. I thought we had some important conversations and work sessions last Monday building and developing your ideas in stages and over time. I thought it was important for us to have the time where we could work together and I was able to give you some feedback on developing your management plan and answering the Essential Question:

What elements of management help you create an environment conducive to learning and achievement?

I think it’s a foundational question you will continue to ask yourself as long as you teach. If you continue to work on building relationships with your student, community in your classroom, and curriculum and lessons that challenge and engage you and your students, you will be in a good place for you and your students.

I appreciated the conversations about how to frame an answer to the question and the understanding and acceptance that every year you teach you would answer the question in a different way. Therefore, it’s important to embrace the notion that your answer right now comes from your experiences and learning to this point.

In addition to the Skillful Teacher chapters, which I believe give you a solid foundation to build on, I wanted to share a few resources that might help you think about your classroom management strategies and ideas as you begin to lead learning and teaching activities in your classroom.

I’ve found that the Edutopia Classroom Management has a nice selection of articles that help you think about classroom management in ways to support learning and teaching and less about responding to discipline. In addition, their Management for New Teachers page has resources for developing routines, fostering classroom community, managing disruptions, and building student relationships.

For class on February 5th:

  1. Be sure to read the description for assessment and the submission details for assessment one. If you have any questions please ask them in the reply box on the assessment one page.
  2. Here is a link to the syllabus.  Please be sure to carefully read chapters 15-17 in The Skillful Teacher. After we finish working on our management plans, we will start to work on lesson design and the initial steps for your unit plan.

Take care,

Mark S.

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