Teacher Blogs

Hi Folks. I wanted to share a list of the teacher blogs you have all been creating. You’ve all been working¬† have a few projects up to look at. You can comment on each others projects to this point by clicking on the comment link below each page.

Yuka Matsuzoe

Stephanie Walter

Bud Osborn

Amy Goulart

Sarah Lefever

Mandy Colvin

Peggy Heinrichsen

Tim Sensabaugh

Rebecca Ibarra

Amanda Hunt

Gretchen Lake

Brycson King

Jason Tingle

Bastiaan Bloemink

Jennifer Cox

Leane Bustamante 



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11 Responses to Teacher Blogs

  1. Peggy Heinrichsen says:

    If I could have 3 wishes for this class. I wish it started in the summer not May. I wish I had more time to explore all of the concepts. I wish I had more time to put into the projects. 3 reflections 1) I feel more comfortable trying new technology. 2)I have definitely networked out of my comfort zone, which is not Twitter. 3)I can envision using many of theses projects in my classroom in the near future. Thank you, Peggy
    P.S. Please let me know if any of my links do not work.

  2. Yuka Matsuzoe says:


    I fixed my Project 2.

    I uploaded as a new page.



  3. Yuka Matsuzoe says:

    Hello, Mike.
    I complete the Project 2.

    Here is my blog.


  4. Yuka Matsuzoe says:


    I completed Project 1 on May 31, but I didn’t drop the line here.
    I am sorry I didn’t follow as it was said.

    Here is my blog.

  5. Peggy Heinrichsen says:

    I am not seeing a Leave a Reply under the Project 1 area. I will leave my website here and email to you.

  6. Tim Sensabaugh says:

    Hi Mark,

    I was unable to find the spot for leaving comments at the end of the project 1 page. Is this the spot you intended for me to leave the website address for you in the comments?



  7. Peggy Heinrichsen says:

    I was wondering if project 2 is really due on the same day as project 1? If yes, where do I find the information to complete Project 2? Peggy

    • Mark Szymanski says:

      Hi Peggy Project 2 is due June 1. I made the change on the syllabus, an edit error on my part. Thanks for letting me know. Let me know if you have any questions.

  8. Yuka Matsuzoe says:

    Dear Mark,

    This is Yuka Matsuzoe.
    I checked the syllabus, but I don’t know what “Project 1 Your Teacher Blog and Professional Learning Network” is.
    I am wondering if I am missing something.

    Thank you very much for your help.


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