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Hi Folks: I hope you all had a chance to pause over the break and relax a bit and take care of yourself and your love ones before the final few weeks of the semester. I wanted to thank everyone for all the work and learning that you’ve been a part of since August. It’s important to pause and look back at all you’ve learned as you continue your journey to becoming a teacher. I wanted to give you some time to pause before we started the next phase of our work together.  On that note, as we move into the final module of the course, I wanted to outline our plans for that will take us to the end of the term.

Meet With Mark:

I’d like to meet with each one of you individually to have a conversation about what you’ve learned,  the work you’re done, and your plans for the spring.

Sign up to meet with me.


Sign up to bring a dish to the potluck.

We will meet face-to-face one more time on Thursday December 14th. On that day we will engage in different discussions and activities. You will complete two assessments for that day.

Assessment 8: True and False Questions for Discussion Due December 12th.

Description: For this assessment you will write five true and false questions for the page (s) of the website that you are assigned. After each question, identify if the question is true or false and write 2-4sentences explaining why the answer is true or false. 

Submission: You can share your document with me at

Assessment 9: Website for Parents Due December 13th. 

Link to Google Doc assignment description and the Link to the website where you will build your pages for developmentally appropriate education.

Link to Google Doc assignment description  and the Link to the website where you will build your pages for the teenage brain.

I would strongly encourage you to collect the content of your pages (the text you are writing, the links you are finding, and the url addresses of the images and videos you are collections.  After you develop the content of your page, you can go to the Google Site and copy and paste the content into the page. This will make it easier for you to build your pages.

For many of you this will be the first time using Google Sites. Be patient with yourselves, it will require some learning and asking for support. There are a wide range of resources available to you.

Link to support for building Google Sites.

Please let me know of you have any questions or need any support.

Take Care,

Mark S.







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