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Some valuable apps I use in my class are Proloquo2Go Proloquo2go website and seesaw seesaw website . Proploquo2go is an AAC(Augmented Assistive Comminution) program. It is used on an Ipad for a student that is in my classroom. It is a good program easy to customize for students. I like it because it blends into the student’s daily life. It is in on an Ipad so it doesn’t look out of the place because everyone has an Ipad. Another thing I like about the Proloquo2go program is because it is on an Ipad it is very portable. Meaning the student in my class is able to take it with him where ever he goes. Since it is his voice that is especially important. Here is an instructional video on how to use Proloquo2go How to use Proloquo2go. The next program Seesaw is amazing. The program lets students access curriculum in different ways. For example the student that uses this program has fine motor control issues. If she wants to express herself in written form a staff member has to do hand over hand writing to make her writing legible. With this program I can take a picture with an Ipad of the work that my student is working on.  The student can then double tap an area on the screen and put whatever she wants on that part of the screen. We usually blue tooth a keyboard to the Ipad so she is able to type her answers onto the portion of the screen. After this I am able to upload her work to a file and I have it to look or do whatever I want with it. The program also lets a student draw on it and symbols. The program can also change the colors tint and brightness of whatever that is scanned into it. I love this program because it lets the student be a part of a group and lets her express herself like her peers and gives her more independence. Here is a video on Seesaw Seesaw

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