Those Who Don’t Learn from History are Destined to Repeat it…next semester.

This was a quote from one of the few high school teachers I can remember. Mr. Moore was a fascinating individual. His classes were fun and engaging and sometimes they were even dangerous. But man did we learn about History. My hope as an educator is to build upon his legacy as teacher and find new and exciting ways for students to engage and learn from history. My goal is that students not just learn the material to pass a test but that they will use the knowledge gained in my classes to become informed citizens who make a difference in their community. I don’t want egg head historians who simply learn facts, dates, and vocab to pass test, I want engages productive citizens. This sight is a list of resources and material I have found useful for my classroom as a student, parent/guardian, or colleague I hope it helps you learn and grow in your process and journey with history. Thank you and happy reading!



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