Joining Other Sites

With the myriad of different blogs and sites used for Education courses here at Pacific University, a question that comes up a lot is how to easily find each site that you need. Thanks to a new plugin we just installed on the WordPress server (called ‘Join my Multisite’), you can now quickly add yourself as a subscriber to the sites you need, allowing them to appear on the ‘My Sites’ navigation bar whenever you are logged in. To set this up for your site (so other users can subscribe to your site), there are a few quick steps to configure the plugin:

  1. Activate the widget by going to your blog Dashboard and choosing ‘Users’, followed by ‘Join My Multisite’:
  2. Check the box for ‘Manual’ membership, and choose ‘Subscriber’ for new user default role. Then click ‘Update Options’.
  3. Now click on ‘Appearance’ from the navigation menu, and choose ‘Widgets’.
  4. Find the ‘Join My Site Widget’, and drag it somewhere on the list of widgets in your ‘primary widget area’. This will allow logged-in visitors to your site to add themselves as subscribers!
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