Embedding Google Docs/Presentations

I just found and activated a neat new plugin on the COE wordpress server.. the ability to embed a document or presentation right in a post. It’s a neat little plugin called the Google Doc Embedder. The name is a little misleading, though.. it doesn’t actually work with Google Docs. What it does is allow you to directly display any MS Office document, presentation, or .pdf file you upload using the media browser (instead of just displaying a link to the file). Here’s the process:

  1. Upload your document (e.g. .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pdf) using the Media Browser upload tool. Remember that right now the COE wordpress server has a limit of 8MB on each uploaded file (we’re still working on trying to change that).
  2. Copy the address of the uploaded file. It will be at the bottom of the window that appears after you finish uploading (labeled File URL):
  3. Create a new post, and click on the ‘G’ icon on the toolbar at the top of the editing window to access the Google Document Embedder:
  4. Paste the address of the file into the ‘File URL’ field below:
  5. You can probably leave all of the other settings blank. Just click ‘Insert’ and publish the post! Your Powerpoint presentation or Word Document should now be viewable right on your blog post.
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3 Responses to Embedding Google Docs/Presentations

  1. Dean says:

    Was browsing for wordpress help information, when I randomly came across this site, I’m nothing to do with the university, but wanted to thank you as i have never seen this plugin before and it helps a friend out who was looking to embed .ppt files in his posts.



  2. MC says:

    Nice WpPlugin, Thanks, I have been looking embed docs but never found something simple, the directions you have given are great. I was also able to help few of my customers. thanks a lot.
    How did you do the floating tags on the right??

    – MC
    DC Web Designers

  3. Jesse Everett says:

    Hi MC,

    I’m glad the post was helpful. Yeah, the plugin has been really essential for many of our users here, too. Oh, the tag cloud plugin I use is ‘WP-Cirrus’.. it can be found here:


    I liked it in particular because it only uses Javascript and isn’t Flash-based like many of the other tag cloud plugins out there.

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