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Jungle Time-

I found this app called Jungle Time and it is about learning how to tell time. It helps teach kid how to tell time and gives them practice on many levels. It teaches students how to read the clock, time zones and daylight savings time. This app allows students to tell time to hour, half-hour, five minutes and one minute. The clocks have color-coded hands and the clocks have minute numbers. Parents are able to track their child’s history and they can see the date and how many they got correct and incorrect. I want to be an elementary teacher and teaching students how to tell time is a critical part in math in the elementary grades.

There are also apps called jungle coins, jungle fractions and jungle geometry. Jungle coins is an app that teaches students about coins in multiple languages. Jungle fractions is an app that teachers students fractions in multiple languages. Jungle geometry teaches students geometry in multiple languages. All of these apps are available on an I pad and jungle time is also available for phones. On jungle time the clocks are easy to read and there are talking clocks so it teaches how to tell time in multiple languages. There are animal faces and they smile and roar.


I found an app called Epic, which are unlimited books for students. This app allows you to choose subjects for your classroom. Some options are sports, science and nature, mystery and daily life. Epic can read to you and it can show you the pictures and words as it is reading to you. This app allows you to set up your classroom and add student profiles. It lets the students earn rewards and allows you to track each student’s progress. This allows student to choosea story that they are interested in and it gets students reading whether they are interested in reading or not.

As I said before I am interested in becoming an elementary teacher and reading and English language arts is a very important aspect in the elementary grades. I observe a lot in classrooms that some students do not want to read. By allowing them to use this app this will get them more interested in reading because they get to choose something they are interested in. If you do not have a lot of books in your classroom library this would be a great app because it expands your classroom library with just one app. It allows students to expand their knowledge and reading comprehension.


Kahoot is an app you can get on a phone, tablet and computer. It allows teachers to create quizzes to fit students needs. You download the app on a device because they answer the questions from those devices. Then on the projector you can see how many answered a, b, c, d.

I have personally seen this app used in the classroom. I used to be an instructional assistant in a middle school. The teacher created the questions and then students opened up the computers and would answer each question. After, they answered each question the teacher would show the answer and then she would talk about it with the class. We would talk about the answer and then discuss why that was the right answer. It allows the teachers and students to collaborate and for the students to ask questions. You can base the questions on any subject with any grade level. I saw this used in a middle school classroom but I would love to do this in my future elementary classroom. It is an app that is very easy to use and is easily accessible. I feel like this app is very engaging to students because they are able to be interactive with the app by answering questions.

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