My Professional Learning Network

There are many reasons teachers need a professional learning network.

This article talks about professional learning networks designed for teacher learning. It is important to have a professional learning network so that you can have collaboration with other teachers and get other ideas. Effective teachers model continued learning through collaboration and professional development. Professional learning networks allow teachers to stay up to date on new information and resources. I am in a classroom right now volunteering and I see the first grade teachers collaborating with each other throughout the day. As a future teacher I find it important to get bounce ideas off of others because I am the new person in the field and they have been a teacher longer than I have. Everyday people are learning new things as a future teacher I will continue to learn and grow. My colleagues will learn from me and I will learn from them.

Next, I read an article on how technology transformed the role of a teacher.

This article is talking about how technology allows for students to become more independent but now we are questioning what are the roles of teachers and whether they are needed anymore.

I believe technology is a great thing in the classroom if a teacher is utilizing it and not having students just be on it so that the students keep busy and the teacher can work on stuff. By allowing technology in the classroom this allows for students to have the freedom to discover new things. The students can have the freedom to discover and search on their own. They have the freedom to find a topic that interests them and dig deeper into it. Technology can be very helpful and resourceful in classrooms. By using technology this allows for us to reach out to those students who are engaged in technology and who can relate best to technology.
This website was very useful. I appreciated all of the resources including book options. As a future teacher when I have resources I can turn to that is something I appreciate. They also have standards in there that we need to know.

20 Tips for Creating a Professional Learning Network

This website has 20 tips for creating a professional learning network. Learning networks are connecting with other people and communicating ideas. They had 10 tools and strategies for establishing a productive professional learning network. I enjoyed the part about considering your role whether you’re an activist, reflector, theorist or pragmatist.

10 Reasons Every Teacher Needs A Professional Learning Network

As teachers it is important to have resources to turn to. Whether you need ideas, support, lesson plan ideas, need to make connections or just want to collaborate with outside resources.

I believe twitter would be the most useful social media site. You can stay connected with an author, fellow teacher or someone you share common teaching techniques with. During the summer is the time we are trying to do professional learning and twitter would be a great resource for that.

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