Valuable Resources – Project 1


YouCubed    –   YouCubed was created by Jo Boaler, a Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University! She emphasizes the importance of teaching a Growth Mindset and number sense as well as using “low-floor, high ceiling” activities to engage students thinking.

Try this activity from You Cubed called Broken Eggs!

An old woman goes to market and a horse steps on her basket and crushes the eggs. The rider offers to pay for the damages and asks her how many eggs she had brought. She does not remember the exact number, but when she had taken them out two at a time, there was one egg left. The same happened when she picked them out three, four, five, and six at a time, but when she took them seven at a time they came out even. What is the smallest number of eggs she could have had? Broken-Eggs-handout


Flocabulary    –   Flocabulary is an AWESOME website that has tons of catchy tunes in video format that would be effective to engage students. Showing them these topics in video and song students are more likely to remember it. The songs on the website are corny and funny which would be good to use as an educational break!

Enjoy this video from Flocabulary on area and perimeter.


Khan Academy   –   Khan Academy covers a VAST range of content areas. For just mathematics, the instructional videos range from “Early math” which would be like Pre-K – shapes, counting, and basic addition/subtraction; to various types of Calculus.

Try your skills at Foundational Algebra by taking the PRE-TEST! Just click on the “Start Quiz” button to get going!


Robert Kaplinsky   –   Robert Kaplinsky has created a website full of premade mathematical lesson plans! As an added bonus all of the lesson plans are made from real-world situations. As teachers, especially math teachers, we get asked all the time “when will we actually use this in the real-world?“. These lessons answer that question! They are engaging and a lot of FUN!

The snapshot of the lesson below asks students to find the price of a 100×100 cheeseburger at In-N-Out!


Lastly, and certainly not least, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)  –   This is an excellent professional learning network and community. They publish multiple newsletters, updates and helpful resources for teachers to use on a regular basis. The website itself provides classroom resources, conference and professional development information, as well as standards and positions.

Here are some books available to purchase in both print and ebook forms on the NCTM website. They also provide supporting documents to accompany the books.


There are many more resources that are helpful to my teaching but the ones I have discussed above are my TOP 5 when it comes to teaching mathematics.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, until the next project, sayonara! Catch me on Twitter – @amanda_d_hunt


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