Have the words, “What was he thinking?” ever slipped from your mouth?  You aren’t alone. Supporting your teen through these adolescent years is not an easy task.

This website is intended to provide information and support for parents and guardians of teenagers who have questions and concerns about their child’s life during adolescence. You are not alone!

The following pages are filled with information for loved ones of teenagers who are asking questions about the development and behaviors of their teens.  We have used the book, “The Teenage Brain” by Frances E Jensen, MD and Amy Ellis Nutt along with other sources to address and answer questions as thoroughly as possible.

We hope you find this helpful.

About Stacy Carpenter

MAT day student at Pacific University. I am a bird nerd and love teaching science to the kids informally. I look forward to being a licensed educator. The doors will open to a larger world full of more possibilities.
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