Journey along the critical question/action research road.

I thought I had a pretty good handle on the critical question.  It is hard to work in a group on this project.  We all have a little different views than each other on what feedback is.  I think of it more as praise and communication.  They do not.  During my observations, I know that my mentor teacher does feedback 99% of the time not only during instruction, but just in her general communication.  She is a positive person and constructs her life as such.  Even when she is in the middle of correcting a behavior, she does so in a positive manner.

My eye opening moment was when I surveyed the students.  I thought I knew what they would say and it turns out I was wrong.  It was good to have this information and not interrupt what I thought they would say.  Chapter 4 in our text talks about this.

This journey has reminded me that I must remain positive at all times, even if it is only a little bit sometimes.  It does make a difference in me and my future learners.

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