Data set chart

Data Set Purpose Who Collects When?
Observations Take note of the type of feedback teachers are giving students and when this feedback is being given. We will use the observations to see what types of questions we need to ask both teachers and students. Cori, Fabiola R., Fabiola G.

(Everyone should have 4 quotes)

April 25th to 30th

May 4th-May 9th

Survey (Teachers) What type of feedback are teachers giving? Are they aware of they type of feedback they give to students? Cori, Fabiola R., Fabiola G.

(Each participant will only survey their mentor teachers)

May 2nd to May 6th
Survey (Students) To know whether the students are noticing the feedback being given to them and whether they find the feedback helpful. Cori, Fabiola R., Fabiola G.

(Each researcher will only survey around 7 children)

May 9th to May 13th

Two of the fifth grade classrooms we will be conducting our action research are located in Washington Elementary in Woodburn, Oregon.  All the students in these two classrooms qualify for free or reduced lunch and 90%-100% of the students are English language learners. Also, 90-100% of the student identify as Hispanic/Latino. One fifth grade class consists of 26 students, 13 boys and 13 girls and the teacher is Hispanic/Latino. Three students are on IEP’s, two for specific learning disabilities, and the other is on a 504 plan/IEP for having ADHD and anxiety. The other fifth grade class consists of 23 students, 12 boys and 11 girls and the teacher is White. In this class, one student is in an IEP. The third class is a 2nd grade class is and it’s located in Springfield, Oregon. The name of the school is Centennial Elementary. This class consists of 14 boys and 12 girls, making the total 26. The teacher is White. In this class, 90 % of the students identify as White or other (than Latino). One student is an English Language Learner. One student is on an IEP, and 3 students are on a check in/check out point card system and 2 are on a happy/sad face check-in that is for the 2nd grade classroom only.  In this school 71% qualify for free or reduced lunch and everyone qualifies for free breakfast.

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