Data Collection

The Data collection that we chose for our group was to observe our teacher and our students.  We are in a different classrooms.  2 of us are in 5th grade classrooms and I am in a 2nd grade classroom.  I have been observing my mentor teacher since March an in turn observing the students as I build relationships with them.  I am lucky that my mentor teacher is always giving feedback.  Even if she is in the midst of a behavior situation, she is always giving feedback.  It is always spun in a positive way and I am lucky that she is modeling that for me.

We decided to do a survey of the students and of the teacher.  This is our triangulation of data.  We kept the surveys short and simple.

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2 Responses to Data Collection

  1. Steven Rhine says:

    It is nice to have a good role model. I’m interested to know more about your surveys and why you chose those as data to answer your question. What is the purpose?

    • Cori Oyler says:

      Yes, a good role model has kept me sane this last few months. I have also had a not so good role model in the past, and in the midst of it, I wasn’t sure it was great, but looking back, I see that it was helpful to see the qualities of an educator I WILL NOT choose to be! We chose these types of data collections, because 1. We wanted to hear the student’s point of view. We didn’t want to have our own interpretations (chapter 4) our research. 2. Fabi wanted to hear from her teacher in particular and wanted to come at it from a professional position. I knew my teacher was wonderful at feedback, but I was curious as to what the students had to say. Observation seemed to be logical just to make sure it would match our critical question.

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