Coming to our CQ

    1. How does time impact on the type of feedback teachers give?
    2. How does one-on-one and face-to-face to whole class feedback have an impact on students learning?
    3. How are teachers using feedback in their classroom and what is the effect  of it in the classroom?
  • How are teachers communicating instructional feedback to their students and what are the effects of this type of communication?
For Question 1)

-Ask teachers (survey): Do you feel like you have enough time to give students instructional/

procedural feedback? Or

What type of feedback do you usually give to students?

If you don’t give instructional/procedural feedback, why do you think this happens?

To students: “What type of feedback do you usually get from teachers?”

-Scholarly articles

-Also-Observe the teacher and tally how many times she uses praise and instructional/procedural feedback and note if she was in a rush or had enough time to do instructional/procedural feedback.

For Question 2)

-survey to teacher: do you prefer to do one-on-one feedback or whole class feedback?

-Survey to students: What type of feedback do you prefer to receive, one-one-one or whole class feedback?

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    Sounds like some interesting questions to explore.

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