Books/articles for research

While I am aware we were to look up articles, and I did do this, I had to come back to the standby-BOOKS.

I chose:

The Courage to Teach, Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life by Parker J. Palmer.  This book helped show why we do what we do.  I thought it was useful because it spoke about other professions other than teaching.

The BIG WINNER in my book, is the book:  Choice words, How our Language Affects Children’s Learning by Peter H. Johnston.  Wow.  He wrote a book before this called Opening Minds.  I devoured that book and this book was like he was talking to me about our CQ!

The other book that I pulled a couple of quotes from was:  The Power of Kindness, The unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life by Piero Ferrucci.  This is not geared towards education per say, but it is something that I put at the forefront of mine.  This is why biases in research are hard to get around and help shape our opinions.

I also took a few comments out of Teaching with Love & Logic by Jim Fay & David Funk.  This is how I want my classroom management to focus around.  I did some research on this when I was choosing how I wanted to conduct my classroom management and focus in on my teaching philosophy.

I looked at and read through Classroom Instruction that Works -Research Based Strategies For Increasing Student Achievement by Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering, and Jane  E. Pollock.  This was helpful in the research portion and included artifacts.


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2 Responses to Books/articles for research

  1. Steven Rhine says:

    It would be good to get at least one research article as part of your readings. Also, I’d like more specifics about what exactly you learned from this literature, what insights did you gain regarding your critical question?

    • Cori Oyler says:

      I did look up articles, I just didn’t care for the research and most of the articles I found were on student teaching. I found that in Choice Words by Peter Johnston, it supported my version of the critical question with how language can build a student and make them feel more successful. This can help even a behavior is trying to be redirected. Putting the power and pride in the student is a way to help them grow in their learning.

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