Critical Question

My critical question stems from how to communicate with students and/or peers.  I believe in being positive as much as possible.  Even when re-directing and facing challenging behaviors.  The behaviors come from somewhere.  It is our job as educators and passionate humans to build relationships with these students, to bridge the gap of not only their learning, but for them to feel safe and secure.  Once we gain their trust, they keep relying on us to help them feel that way.  I wrote in my blog earlier that sometimes these children only receive negative feedback because that is the only attention they receive period.  We need to make sure they are feeling heard, listened to and validated.  I want to know how they feel most validated with feedback and/or praise from their teacher.

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3 Responses to Critical Question

  1. Cori Oyler says:

    Being positive and even spinning a super negative aspect positive is the best way. I have watched behavior situations turn around by one small positive.

  2. Steven Rhine says:

    This is certainly a worthwhile topic, as a large part of what we do as teachers is provide students with feedback on their learning. How should we do that best?

    • Cori Oyler says:

      Here is our final product of a CQ

      How are teachers communicating instructional feedback to their students and what are the effects of this communication?

      •Observation (teacher): oral interaction/feedback between teacher and students

      •Survey (teachers): how you communicate feedback?

      •Survey (students): do you read the comments? How do you use the feedback the teacher gives you? Motivation?

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