Chapter 6-Living Action Research As A Professional Educator

I am still in the midst of my student teaching.  At my last observation, I was told, that I am a solid teacher.  He doesn’t doubt my ability to be able to teach the students and have them learn.  He especially doesn’t doubt the ability of my passion while teaching the kids.  I just have to tone some of my skills and the only way that will happen is with practice.  It made me feel good to know I have the skill, and I know I will get plenty of practice.

This chapter starts out talking about being a teacher along the moral, emotional, and political road that it takes.  It involves taking risks and stretching the minds of the children and myself.  Action research is a way to better everyone involved.  To find out why some ways are working and are not.  Maybe they work with one group of students, and maybe not the next.

Finding out who I am as a teacher is important so I know what I can and can’t give back to the student community and my educational peers.  I know I have changed from the student I was at the beginning of my non traditional schooling until now.  My eyes have been opened and most importantly, my heart has been completely opened and ready to receive my next challenge or opportunity.

One of the biggest concepts I have learned is figuring out cultural context.  They seem to ebb and flow and are extremely valuable in all parts of action research and everyday teaching life.

This chapter recaps the different parts of the triangulation with observation, interviews and collection of artifacts. Building a trustworthy set of data is the key to the research and validity of it as well.

In this chapter, talking about energy, enthusiasm, and loving your job as a teacher excites me.  I have a passion for teaching, learning and helping.  I want to give my passion for kindness away to the people I come into contact with.  I want to grow my passion, through action research to pass on the best education I can to those that I come into contact with. I want to and will be the voice for the students I encounter and help them be able to communicate feedback in a positive way for whatever they may need to.  I want to help them extend their thinking critically and help them make a difference in the world.

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  1. Steven Rhine says:

    You will be refining your teaching throughout your career. It is a lifelong process. Teacher research is a way to deliberately focus on an aspect of your teaching and not just do things randomly. It is great to hear about the passion you bring to your teaching!

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