Blog #2-Chapter #2-Discovering an Area of Focus


Trying to find a critical question is the fun and hard part to me.  Trying to narrow the question into a workable critical question to perform action based research stretches my comfort zone.  I am a passionate person, but I am also a person that doesn’t want to cast all of my opinions and views onto another person without their permission.  I feel that coming up with a CQ and acting on it, I might extend my persuasion onto them.  I liked how the charts in the book helped us to construct and organize our CQ’s.  The sphere of influence helped me target my question and why I was asking it and for whom I was asking.

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  1. Steven Rhine says:

    I agree about the journey to the critical question. It is certainly a difficult part of the process–narrowing down all the potential topics to one that is worthwhile, meaningful, and doable.

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