To understand my teaching, scholarship, and service is to understand what it’s like to spin plates on sticks. Since 2012, most of the plates continue to spin, or made it safely back to the table. But there were also wobbles and some broken glass I had to sweep up. This portfolio is really about those plates and the students and colleagues who supported and challenged me to improve my teaching, establish a sustainable and improving record of scholarship, and take important positions of leadership at the university and college, and in the community. Some of this work blossomed into a book chapter, conference presentations, reviewer and leadership positions, web sites, blogs, Twitter feeds, and important pedagogical insights and curriculum development. Other work never materialized into tangible outcomes, but provided important lessons and pivot points.

As I look back on my 17  years of work at Pacific University, I see a continually developing mosaic that shows a consistent trajectory of qualitatively more impactful work that represents a progressively more intentional connection between my teaching, scholarship and service. All of this in the service of my students, colleagues, and community.

Throughout this portfolio I untangle, select, analyze, and connect my work in the light of  the criteria for this post-tenure review. I have worked to  thoughtfully apply the feedback and evaluation I have received from my students, colleagues, mentors, and mentees. I tell my students that I’m preparing them for the future not the past, but I understand how the past informs the future. I’ve constructed my narratives to provide some history and context that help illuminate the essential and emerging connections and themes. My work also reflects a sense of responsibility, high standards, and ethics I have for myself, my colleagues and students, and Pacific University. I approach all of my work and life with a heightened sense gratitude and appreciation for the lessons I’ve learned from the people around me.

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