This is one of those songs that just gets ya. The video reminds me of Noah’s group of friends in Portland. Do you see the resemblance? Anyway, that may be inside too much, so just watch it.

From the most recent album Matter (2016)

A bit of a review:

You could never accuse St. Lucia’s wunderkind leader Jean-Philip Grobler of concealing his intentions. Matter (out today, January 29), the band’s follow-up to 2013’sWhen The Night, is 11 thundering blasts of power pop. They’ve taken the debut’s cavernous sounds and exploded them: The melodies are sharper, the song structures more concise and Grobler’s vocals more assured. In fact, we haven’t heard a male pop vocalist sing his heart out this way since the ’80s.

First single, “Dancing On Glass” is an earworm of hooks and choral vocals. ThroughoutMatter, the details actually do matter: A funky, Prince-like guitar and falsetto breakdown midway through “Physical,” layers of shimmer glazed over “Stay,” or the sweet final minute (“go find me somebody to love!”) of the album’s lone midtempo,“Love Somebody.”