Oregon High School Diploma WebQuest

Pacific University College of Education

Process and Resources


  1. The importance of your grades and how they turn into the credits you need for graduation.
    • Every letter grade counts! slide15
  2. The importance of your Grade Point Average (GPA) and how that is calculated.

3. The requirements to receive your Oregon High School Diploma

Click on the link  below to see the requirements at a glance.


To earn a diploma, students will need to successfully complete these three…

1. credit requirements  http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?id=1681

2. demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills 



3. and meet the personalized learning requirements

  • Education Plan and Profile- Students develop a plan and profile to guide their learning and document progress toward their personal, career, and post-high school goals.
  • Career-Related Learning Experiences- Students participate in experiences that connect classroom learning with real life experiences in the workplace, community, and/or school relevant to their education plan.
  • Extended Application- Students apply and extend their knowledge in new and complex situations related to the student’s personal and/or career interests and post-high school goals through critical thinking, problem solving, or inquiry in real world contexts. 

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