Post #1 Welcome!

Post #1

Hi Folks: Welcome to the course web site. I’ll be using this front page as a blog, updating and responding to the development of our work together. There are four modules for the course each driven by essential questions. Each Module is a page on this site with resources to watch, and read. Module 1 is posted above. In the spirit of focusing your attention, I post each module as we are ready to work on it. So, you will see the module #1 page above. The assessments for the course are also defined in the module. Each week I will introduce a new module that will include resources to read, watch, and listen to and projects to complete.

I will make a post each day we have class to review work, comments, ideas, my thoughts, additional resources, and anything that will help us to slowly build our understandings and answer the essential questions for each module. There are

Online classes require effective and regular communication. I am available to respond to your questions. You can post them by clicking on the leave a comment link at the bottom of the page, I will get a private message and I will respond to you or post it if its a question about a project. Taking  course is a slow build of understanding, and if we all take the responsibility to support each other be patient and understanding of each other, and ask great questions, we will end the course with some important knowledge to build on. So, in that spirit. Please start to read module #1 and we will take things day-by-day. It will take a few days for us to establish some routines. So, please ask any questions at any time about anything. I will be posting more information about about the entire course midweek after you get a start on Module #1. I want you to have some experience and context before we make that step. The most important thing is to be curious! Your learning is for you. I’m here to support that the best way I can through the work and conversations.

More tomorrow.

take care,

Mark S.

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