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For next class:

Read: Chapters 7-9 of Why Don’t Students Like School: A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom

Assessment 6 Due: November 28 in class. 

Description: For this project,  you will evaluate a game as a learning environment. The goal of this assignment is for you to identify and develop an understanding of a gaming environment as a quality learning environment.

Jesse has created a page to select games from. It includes games you can play for free and reviews. You can select a game from the following link. Do your best to find a game that is connected to your content area. If you have a question about we

Your project will consist of two items:

  1. A multimedia Google Doc
  1. A 15 minute roundtable presentation in class during which you present your analysis to a small group of your colleagues.
  1. A multimedia Google Doc. Your analysis should be a combination of text and pictures or video clips of your game. Instead of using text to describe how something looks, you can find a picture.  You can find video clips of your game on YouTube or add images of your game.

It might take the following form:




YouTube clip…..etc

Criteria: The project should address three essential areas that are identified in the scoring guide below-they can be headings for your doc.

  1. Design and Goals of the Game
  2. The Game Environment
  3. Improvements
  1. Design and Goals of the Game Standard: Explain and evaluate the overall design and goal of the game. Be as specific as you can. Remember to make as many connections and observations related to the game as a learning environment. To explicitly connect learning principles to gaming it’s important to use the language of the discipline, to do this you will:

1.1 include a minimum of five specific terms or principles and or chapter learning principles used in Why Don’t Students Like School. They might include terms like:


Working Memory

Long-Term Memory

Background Knowledge


Positive Reinforcement

Negative Reinforcement


Token Economy

Procedural Knowledge

1.2 In addition, you must identify five Gaming and Learning Principles in your game. Link here to see them.

  1. The Game Environment: Evaluate the game environment design. Essential Questions would be:

2.1 Is designed effectively to meet the goals of the game?

2.2 Can I access important support information?

2.3 Are the controls easy to use?

  1. Improvements: Identify aspects of the learning environment that could be improved and ways to improve them. Have a critical eye and be specific.
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