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HI Folks: It was great to see all your verbal to visual work in class. It reminded me of all the different ways we build understanding. We can do it individually in isolation with your thinking and the elaborate, share, and connect with each other. One of my goals for the class is for you to experience and see a variety of ways to build understandings. As a future teacher, you can experience different ways to build understanding and use some of the principles of learning to develop or modify some of the techniques and practices you are learning about and using. As you move into more work in the classroom you can consider the different kinds of work that falls on the continuum of verbal to visual and all the possible combinations.

Our next face-to-face meeting will be Thursday October 27th.

Read Chapters 4-6 Why Students Don’t Like School.

Assessment 6: Building Background and Factual Knowledge: Making Thinking Visible. Due October 26th

Description: For this assessment, you will engage in another active reading activity and write questions for an assessment.  For each chapter, I would like you to make your thinking visible . You can decide what that means for you. I’d like you to use one sheet of paper for each chapter. You can continue to create a verbal to visual representation, or you can choose to create something that is more verbal than visual. It’s your decision. I want to see you make your thinking visible.


  1. Your making thinking visible pages consist of some key ideas and concepts from the chapter that are represented. You can recreate visual representations or make your own. You can doodle. You can use text in different ways
  2. Your making thinking visible pages include key words, ideas, and concepts for each chapter.


  1.  Add them to the Google Doc you created for assessment 5 Verbal to Visual. Digitize your pages: Scan or take a photo of your visual page and insert that image into your Google Doc.
  2. Share your Google Doc with me

Assessment 6A: In addition, Write one multiple choice for each chapter, three total, and submit them here. This link is a resource for how to write a good multiple choice question. Give it a read.

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