555 Powertalk answers

HI Folks. A few answers to some questions about your talk tomorrow.

  1. Please include resources and links to resources you want to share with us. You can add another slide at the end for this or embed the links and resources in your slides. It’s up to you. Oh, that would make a few nice Tweets to share with all of us as well :).
  2. You can include as much information as you want on the slides and select the kind and type of information. Remember images, charts, graphs, data tables, key statements work better than lots of bulleted lists. You can use screen shots of information and insert them into your slides.  Be as efficient and effective as you can with the information. Your essential question should be on the first slide, but you can include other information.
  3. Remember to read the directions carefully and post the information about your talk to the form on the post class post 2. Be sure you have double checked the technical aspects of your slide and got the support you need. I will use the Google Form you submit your link to to access your slide show for your talk.
  4. Enjoy your Wednesday!

mark s.

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