Unit Planning

Here are some sample drafts:

The following questions can be helpful when we think about making our classroom learner and community centered: What are the community factors that might influence instruction? What are the school and community resources that may help in your teaching? What are the skills, gender, race/ethnicity, achievement levels, etc. that will influence your planning?

Here is the site for EdTPA Resources: http://wordpress.ed.pacificu.edu/edtpa/

  • Be sure to watch the videos, read the “Making Good Choices” guide, and download your handbook as soon as you can.
  • The password is pacificedtpa

Here is a helpful resource for all things EdTPA: http://www.passedtpa.com/ . Thanks to David Denton for his excellent work here!

Tasks for this Module:

Here are the tasks for our Unit Planning module this week:

Due by 3/12:

  1. Read Saphier Chs. 12, 15-17. This will inform your planning.
  2. Access and read the additional resources posted above. Please feel free to post any other resources you encountered that helped you construct your Unit Plan.
  3. Create an Assessment Matrix with Standards, Objectives, and assessment types (MAKE).
  4. Create a Unit Plan with Standards and Objectives (maybe activities) (MAKE).  Our class this week will be devoted to finalizing and reviewing your Unit Plan so please know you are not expected to have a final version for this class.  In other words, expect to spend time working on it in class.

Due by 3/13:

  1. Print one copy of your Assessment Matrix as developed and bring to class.
  2. Print one copy of your Unit Plan and bring to class in as much as it is developed.
  3. We will partner up and critique (BREAK) each others’ Assessment Matrices and Unit Plans. Remember, I’m looking for alignment and varying methods of assessment types.

DO NOT DO THE TASKS BELOW (I’m keeping this here as a placeholder)

EdTPA Task:

  1. Create an “EdTPA” page on your personal site.
  2. Write to Planning Task 1: Planning for Instruction and Assessment (prompts 1-5). Address the planning for the students in your placement. The Denton resource above should provide good guidance.
  3. Post the link to your response on the “EdTPA” page here that will connect us to your own EdTPA page.
    I know that there seems like a ton of stuff to do, but it’s really just the beginning. Give it a go, and we’ll see where we are next class.

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