We will use this page to discuss our thoughts on essay measures.

Here are some resources regarding writing effective essay prompts:

These rubrics/scoring guides can also be used in designing Performance Assessments…

Tasks for this Module:

Here are the tasks for our Essay module this week:

Due by 2/12:

  1. Read Ch. 6 in Stiggins and additional resources on this page. They will help guide you in making quality essays and scoring guides. Please feel free to post any additional resources you encountered that you found useful.
  2. Create (MAKE) an essay prompt and scoring guide. Be sure to write (TAKE) your exemplar before writing the scoring guide. 🙂
  3. Make two selected response items reflecting the salient ideas from Ch. 6 and post them on this page.

Due by 2/13:

  1. Print one copy of your prompt, exemplar, and scoring guide and bring to class on 2/13.
  2. We will partner up and critique (BREAK) each others’ essays.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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  1. Oona Badgley says:

    Found some amazing resources for teaching sustainable agriculture. Thought I would share!

  2. Oona Badgley says:

    Short Answer, fill in the blank.

    1. Essay assessments are particularly good at realizing students’ depth of mastery in the way they illustrate the . (5 pts)

    2. Using an essay assessment, educators can asses three different areas of the product,
    , , and . We score these areas of an essay assessment using a , or a . (5 pts)

    • Oona Badgley says:

      I am having a hard time formatting the lines for my fill in the blank selected response. I will speak with Jesse and repost it as soon as I fix the problem. Thank you.

  3. Roxanne Winston says:

    “Assessments that rely on teacher’s professional judgment to evaluate students achievement can produce valid and reliable results.” What is one of the first ways to reduce bias and subjectivity in grading an essay?
    a) Have a colleague grade the student essays
    b) Have students grade each others essays using a well crafted and appropriate rubric
    c) Use a holistic scoring guide
    d) Connect essay assessments to appropriate achievement targets

    Design and development of essay assessments involves Assessment planning, Exercise development and Scoring guide development. Which is not one of the three things sound exercises do?
    a) Specify the form and content students are supposed to use in preparing a response
    b) Specify the knowledge students are supposed to use in preparing a response
    c) Guide appropriate responses
    d) Be clear about what kinds of reasoning or problem solving students should use

  4. Elizabeth Day says:

    Learning targets can be classified into 4 categories. These categories are _____, ________, ___________, and ___________.

    True or False: Essay questions cannot be used to evaluate a performance skill learning target.

    True or False: When using Assessment OF Learning, a teacher uses responses as validation of effective instruction.

  5. Erika Peterson says:

    T/F: Designing and developing essay assessments include these 3 steps… Assessment planning, exercise development and scoring guide.

    T/F: It is a bad idea to indicate a point value for any number of writing essay test items.

  6. Alex Anley says:

    All of the following steps are included in essay assessment development except:

    A. scoring guide development
    B. assessment planning
    C. exercise development
    D. writing propositions

    T/F Essay assessment is useful for teachers because they take less time to develop.

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